Monday, March 28, 2011

Back Again with The Living

March 2nd, wow that was the last time I made a post.  It seems I have so much to say since that time that I can`t think of anything.  I`ve had a wicked chest infection and have been sick for about three weeks now.  It`s no fun.  Today is the first day I feel I can breathe (or talk) without heaving up a lung.  Not being able to breathe affects everything in your day.  You forget when you are well how truly blessed you really are.

I`ve been home from Florida for over a week now, and I`m am missing the heat and sunshine like nothing you can imagine.  If I had to sum up our trip with just one word:  heaven.  No work, phone calls, appointments, pet hair.  Just family, sunshine (and the occasional margarita).

The girls like to make clubhouses.

Who can resist this little baby face?  I just want to kiss and hug her all day long.
No make up, no hair do, no fancy outfit, just relaxation and happiness.

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