Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Compare and Contrast

From my experience, comparing yourself with others seems to be human nature.

Does my butt look as big as hers?
Are my kids keeping up with the others?

You get the point.

I am TERRIBLE for this.  I constantly find ways that others are better than me. Smarter, tidier house, proficient teachers, nicer hair, faster runner, better golfer, thinner, prettier, nicer...frankly I could keep going on.  I don't know why I do this. It clearly does not make me feel any better.  I try to stop myself. But, well, I do it.

I read other blogs quite frequently. I have this one in which I really love, however the woman who writes it, is ALWAYS happy. So happy in fact, I may actually have to stop reading it. She takes fabulous pictures, goes on wonderful vacations, the decor in her house looks like it's from a lived in magazine, and she writes like she's speaking right to you. I hate it. I haven't been writing in my own blog much lately and I'm going to blame it on her (who else, I can't blame myself!)

Mainly though, these constant rainy days are really getting to me. I need to go outside but my backyard is like a mudpit. This mudpit seems to be also growing in my house. Between the dogs paws and the kids/husband's shoes I can't keep control of it. I want to take pictures of Mia, but everytime I do, I get a look at the background (my filthy house) and I quickly put away the camera again.

We are also renovating. If you have ever renovated you know that this also brings many, many challenges. Of course one of them being a mess. Yes!

Anyway, I'd love some visiters. I hate being stuck inside alone. Come on over! I have the wine chilling. Oh, and don't wear something nice - you know it won't go home that way.

Marley enjoying the rain.

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