Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good-bye My Friend

Our dear friend and member of our family passed away today.  She was only in this world for 6 short years, but in our hearts she will live forever.

It's hard to explain to 'non-pet' people.  A family dog is one that has you by your heart strings from day one.  They never seem to have bad days, always waiting at the front door for you as you arrive home with a wag and a lick.  Non-stop butt wiggles were my favourite. 

Stella had love for everyone.  She couldn't seem to give enough.  Even when the girls pulled, pushed, poked, and stood on top of her - she gave love without hesitation.

While Cameron and I are having a tough time dealing with this loss, the girls just don't understand.  "Why can't it happen to someone else's dog?"  "Why does it have to be forever?"  "Who is going to protect us?"

Maisie is especially heart broken.  This is her first dog.  Being young though, she is able to see happiness in a life lost.  She sees that Stella will not have to feel pain now.  Tomorrow would have been my Dad's birthday.  Maisie says that this is a good gift for him - for Stella to join him.  My Dad was, by far, Stella's favourite.

We don't know why such a beautiful dog could be taken from us.  We do know that she had liver failure due to something she had contracted (probably from an animal she 'hunted').  In hind sight - she had shown symptoms.  Loss of appetite, a sore, some weight loss - but nothing that seemed too serious at the time.  She was still full of energy and happiness.

I am happy in knowing that Stella knew she was loved here and always will be.

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