Friday, July 15, 2011

I got to thinking....

When I get to thinking, it's probably not a good thing.  Usually it ends up costing a lot of money.  "I think we should get new floors."  "I think I need a hair cut."  "I think we should have a third baby."

Today though I got to thinking about the yin yang of my life.  I guess it struck me to wonder if you can have one without the other.  When you're a kid you just want to grow up, until one day you realize you're getting old.  Not to worry, this isn't turning into an exercise on negative thinking.  I tend to take time during each day to think of how I can make things better.  (Maybe one day I'll share my inventions stuck up in this little brain.)

Back to Yin Yang.  Front/back, top/bottom, old/young, negative/positive, it's all the flip of a coin.  But the coin doesn't have to stay, it can sit on the rim and spin.  The trick now is to not let that spinning get out of control, or to let the coin drop.

I had a minor 'procedure' done at the hospital on Monday.  Ouch, pain, but this will lead to less pain in the future.  So while I'm sitting around on my duff this week with too much time on my hands, I'll be thinking of things I can improve in my life.  With each improvement comes the flip of the coin. 

I had listed a bunch of examples but then erased.  You can think of your own examples or situations.  What struck me was the thought of balance.  Why don't I call it balance?  Would you rather have balance in your life?  My answer is no.  When you are sitting on the balance, you are not going anywhere.  I want to keep flipping over my coin, turning over the rock to see what's under it bugs and all.  I need to push it all the way up the mountain of life.

My mountain is always waiting for me in the background while I smell the flowers.

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