Sunday, July 10, 2011


I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding this June in Vancouver.  Fortunately, the timing was just right and I was able to hop onto a plane and fly out. 

Flying on your own is always an experience.  I love the feeling of independent travel.  Where you want, when you want. Watching people is great, too.  There are all kinds at an airport.  My favourite thing though, is the collective anticipation.  Departures, arrivals, baggage carousel, boarding, take off, landing, meeting your loved ones.  If you haven't before - next time you fly, take a moment and really enjoy it.  It doesn't have to be stressful - even the baggage/security check can be okay.  Seems everytime I go somewhere, I get 'randomly' selected for the extra pat down etc.  I even purposely now wear the bare minimum to fly.  No belt, slip on shoes, my purse is basically empty except for my cash and passport.  This time I even purposely wore a bra with no wire as last time it seemed to be a big deal.  But yes, still, I was 'randomly' selected.  How can that be?  Where do you think I can possibly be hiding crap?  Actually don't answer that.  Needless to say, I now find it funny that I have to be fully patted down etc.  So long story short, flying is what you make it.  I say - bring on the adventure.

If you haven't been to Vancouver, I highly recommend it.  It's beautiful.  It has a great hustle and bustle.  If the sun happens to shine and the temp is 17C - I notice the beach is packed.  As long as I don't have to swim in that dirty water (I'm a pool girl all the way), the beach is awesome.

If you get a chance while in Vancouver, take yourself over to Granville Island.  I'm not a huge shopper, but looking around at different shops, stopping for a drink, and going into the fresh market is awesome.
The market had the most amazing fresh items.

And the flowers were oh so beautiful.

Now for the main event - Heather looked stunning.  Better than a picture from a magazine.

Nigel - you scored big time.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Lynne. Glad you had a great time. Kim