Monday, December 12, 2011

Whoops, I forgot

Basically, I forgot I even had a blog.  It's this wonderful time of year we like to Christmas.  I've decided to make my own Christmas cards this year - why you ask?  Who knows.  Apparently I have too much time on my hands.  Actually, I have about 20 projects on the go.  When I start things, I truly do think I'm going to have time to finish everything.  I suppose I could finsih everything if I didn't work, have any children and add some extra hours in the day.  But hey, what fun would it be to just sit around the house.  I sure don't want to clean it, so I might as well do something else with my ample time.

I also wanted to make calendars for as gifts for Christmas.  I found a site that had ones I liked, so I take a couple of hours, looks through my pictures, upload them, then put each into the calendars, only to have the site crash three times.  Sorry no calendars.  But looking through my pictures wasn't a waste of my time.  Looking back, I got to thinking about the great year I've had.  The pictures of the girls sometimes bring tears to my eyes.  I'm so lucky to have 3 very nice children.  I cannot explain how blessed I feel especially at this time of year.  This is definitely one of those years that if I could, I would live again.
Maisie & I at Selena Gomez.  Maisie won the tickets at school (lucky girl)

This is how I find Marley at night - sleeping on the wood floor outside her bedroom door.

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