Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday Treats

Marley's 5th birthday is quickly upon us.  Unfortunately for her it is on the Monday of the Thankgiving Holiday weekend this year.  She wanted to bring a treat for her class on Tuesday, except that a) I don't really want to bake on the holiday weekend and b) there are MANY stipulations on what you can send to her school.  I am not to send anything with nuts or seeds, anything strawberry related (the note even said strawberry colouring - not sure what that is) and I'm not to send in cupcakes purchased from a store.  Huh?  Don't they seem safer than something I'm going to make at home?  Anyway, Marley decided that I should make everyone treat bags and that they should have skulls on top.  I tried for a cupcake picture, but she insisted on the skulls.

24 blue outlines
24 white skulls
24 pink bows
on Cricut Rock Princess



Fill bags, staple and admire
She's happy to take them to school and I'm happy how they turned out.  Win/win.


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