Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do I do with my day?

I sometimes think that my husband wonders what I do with my day.  Frankly sometimes, I wonder what I've done with my day.  If you have a baby of your own you know that babies are time suckers.  Feeding, changing, rocking, soothing, playing, feeding again etc.  Throw in a 3yr old to the day and, well, I think that is just self explanatory.

Having a shower seems to be a huge ordeal somedays.  Either the baby has to be sleeping soundly or in her bouncy chair in the bathroom staring at me.  The problem is Marley, our three yr old.  I clearly can't strap her into the bouncy chair (that would be my first choice), and she won't just watch TV.  No, when I am in the shower she knows that it is parent free time.  Time to explore the house and get into anything and everything.  First she needs to change her outfit, cover herself in cream and apply makeup if possible.  She has a bottomless stomache, so of course making herself some snacks is always on the menu.  I also have to make sure the doors are secured and locked.  In the past she has been known to let herself and/or the dog out.  So, once I am cleaned and showered, I now have the house to reclean from her explorations, oh wait, the baby is screaming, put that on hold.

Maisie needs to get to school, breakfasts, lunches, dinners.

Taking some pictures, grocery shopping, chiroprator, knitting, cleaning again, blog time.  Oh darn, quick, I forgot to sort and put in the laundry!

I love it when people tell me to put Marley down for a nap.  yeah, okay.  Can you come over and do that for me?  The kid seems to need zero sleep.  I, however, could use much more sleep.  If there was a option for it, I'd be all over an afternoon nap.

Marley is making `noodles`for her Barbie.

I can't help but to take pictures of Mia with my Hipstamatic.



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