Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A long, long day

Could someone please tell me why some days seem longer than others?  There are the same number of minutes the last time I counted. but today those minutes seemed to drag on.  I'm sure cleaning the house doesn't help.
I know I'm a terrible Mom to say it, but here it is:  Today was a snow day.  YUCK!  I see my kids enough. Maisie needs to go to school.  Cameron works in the afternoon and evening and I feel like I'm dancing around entertaining my kids during the witching hour.  Doesn't help that baby Mia has a cold and is a little extra fussy, which of course makes Mommy also a little extra fussy.

Okay, lets see, maybe I can think of all the good that happened today.......who are we kidding?  Anyone who knows me, knows that's not the way I roll.  No sugar plums and fairies.  Maybe I'm just a little in between.  I'm not a glass is half full girl, nor half empty for that matter...screw the glass, give me the full bottle.

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