Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 1 (Part One)

You may or may not know, I am finally on vacation. The three girls, Grandma, and I, drove our cold little buns to Florida.  (Note that Daddy is still at home)  :-)

We left not so bright but very early (3am), drove through to Cary, NC by 8pm.  Yes, this is a very long day with three little girls.  We were kindly welcomed by my cousins Dan & Louise and their girls Keely and Tara.  It's always so nice to stay with family you don't get to see often.  Unfortunately, we were there only during the work week and the girls were in school.  Next time we'll have to make a longer visit with Cameron too. 

Grandma and Marley drawing on the driveway

Pit stop on the way

Friday morning we packed our stuff back up and continued on our journey south.  We stayed in Georgia overnight, which the girls thought was fabulous.  They were quite taken with our room.  "Ooh, two beds, a fridge, Mom look a bathroom!"
Saturday, we arrived at our condo in Indian Rocks Beach.  So nice.  And the weather - 26 degrees and sunny.  You sure won't hear a complaint out of me.

First night sunset

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