Thursday, April 7, 2011

Renovating Your Life

When you have kids, renovating anything is not smart.  Whether it be your attitude, your life, your body, or your house - it is just not a good idea.  Clearly, I am not a smart person. 
With all of that said, I do not wish you to worry.  I will never attempt to renovate my attitude.  It's mine and I like it.  However, my life, my body and my house tend to need a little work.  I imagine my life will be in a constant state of remodeling.  I'm pretty sure most of us all want to do some things a little differently, a little tweek here or there.  My body is in dire need of a complete overhawl.  This I am working on.  I've been following the Maximized Living plan.  This will be a blog entry all of it's own.  I will tell you though that I'm down 16lbs so far. 
Now the real story here is my house.  I used to love renovating.  The smell of new lumber, whacking nail heads like you really mean it, the design, the process, the finished product.  Now - I dread it.  First of all, who has the money?  I sure don't.  But hey, why let that get in my way?  I can do it myself!  Oh yes, look at all that money I'll be saving.  Now lets see, I have a 7 month old baby and a three year old at home.  Well at least during the weekday my eight year old is at school.  So obviously seeing as I'm not working I have all the time in the world.  Whoops, tomorrow is a PD Day - I can put off renovating a day.  Saturday, I have an appointment at 11, lunch at noon, taking Maisie to a party at 1:30, oops better buy a gift, feed Mia, rock her for a nap, let out the dog, answer the phone, pick Maisie back up, start dinner, eat, give baths, read a story, bedtime for little girls.  Finally some free time to renovate - wait - the saw is awfully loud.  Okay - Sunday it is.  In the meantime - my dishwasher is broken, I've got laundry piling up, my dog is tracking mud throughout the house, the cat just vomitted, Mia is crying and her Dr. appt is tomorrow, I'm finishing up the baby blanket I'm knitting, Marley wants me to take her to the park, Maisie is mad that I didn't get her bike down from storage.  Gin and Tonic anyone?

mmmmm....I miss my Florida margarita....

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