Monday, September 5, 2011

Mia is One!

I no longer have a baby.  My baby is officially one year old.  What a great first year.  I'm so thankful to be living in Canada where I get to spend the entire year with my girls. 
Mia's birthday was spent with some great family and friends.

Patiently wating for the party to begin.

She didn't know exactly what to do with the presents at first.
Now she understands (with lots of help from her big sisters).
And now for the main event - cake!  (Cupcakes courtesy of my friend Heidi at
All she wanted to do was grab for the candles.
Whole cupcake, both hands.

Jetta waiting for her turn.

Mia was VERY upset that the cupcake was all gone.
Baby torture

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