Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doors Open London

This weekend was Doors Open London.  Approx. 50 organizations/companies open their doors for the public to tour for free.  If you haven't been, I highly recommend it next year.  There is something for everyone - from churches and museums, to the mail sorting plant and London Life Insurance.

We chose 5 locations and hope to do many more in the future.

Stop One - London Model Railroad Group
Cameron chose this as he loves models.  While this wouldn't necessarily have been on my list of choices, the kids and Cameron both really enjoyed themselves.  Basically it's this little building that I had no idea exisited.  Inside was a large room completely filled with a model railway city.  Quite cool, if I had to admit it.
Stop Two - London Clay Art Centre on Dundas St.
This was an interesting stop, not only for its pottery, but also for it's history.  They put on a good little tour here - each of the tour guides really seemed into it.  From things they uncovered in the walls while renovating, the Geo-thermal system installed, to the kiln room.  There was also an area set aside for the kids to work with clay.  Definitely a location for everyone.
Stop Three - Arva Flour Mill
Very cool stop.  This is Canada's oldest continuously operating water powered flour mill.  It was very neat seeing the wooden chutes, and the belt drives into the old machines.


Stop Four - Pioneer Village
We've been here a few times, but who can beat it when it's free?  The kids love it here.  They are really into the old buildings and clothing.  Maisie came home and told me how wonderful our house is etc. I think it helps to give them a little perspective.  We also packed a picnic lunch and ate it at one of the pavilions before we went in.

We love it when we have a playground all to ourselves.

I remember when I was a kid going to Fanshawe park and going through the bush maze.  It is SO overgrown now, but still oh so cool.

My favourite is just watching them running together and playing.

Stop Five - Mail Processing Plant on Highbury Ave.
If you're into how things work - this is the place for you.  Very interesting and quite  amazing how much mail flows through and in such a timely manner.  No pictures though, cameras were not allowed.  Boo.

Hope you had a great weekend, too.  Looking forward to many more.

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