Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in the Groove

It seems that back to work wasn't that nice to me this year.  I just didn't seem ready for the daily noise and constant needs of everyone.  But, alas, I'm back in the groove.  The kids at school seem to finally be settling in and my own kids are liking school and eased easily into the routine of early mornings.

Marley celebrated her 4th Birthday this Thanksgiving and she had a great time.  My Mom came over in the mid afternoon, we were chatting at the kitchen table eating a few munchies and Marley says to us "This is the best party ever!"  So cute.  Especially seeing as no one else had yet to show up, no gifts had been opened and we hadn't shown her the cake.

Marley woke up in this outfit.  Apparently, you must look like a princess at all times when you are 4.

Our newest princess costume 'Rapunzel'.  Marley needs to wear it almost daily, even the occassional night.

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