Saturday, August 17, 2013


For whatever reason, I have had a rather unproductive summer.  I'm blaming the weather, but having three little kids is up there on the list too.  Friday morning I took the kids to Kusterman's Berry Farm to pick some blueberries and to play.  They love it here.  Even if you are not big on the picking part, I highly recommend it for an afternoon with the kids.  There is a little sand hill, barn with slides, playground, horse rides, a couple farm animals, peddle bikes, and I'm sure something I'm forgetting.

Loaded with blueberries

As you can see - they were really into it

It is next to impossible to have all of them looking the same way, let alone smile.

Going down a slide together

Getting ready for their horse ride.

This is an awesome place for Mia.  She can climb and run all day.

Zip line

My favourite photo of the day.

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