Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summer at the Beach

Yes, I know that it's December.  I was going through my pictures this past week and decided I need to make a few catch up posts.

I took the girls to the beach more this summer than I have in at least 5 years put together.  They just loved it so much that I couldn't say no.  The girls also wanted my mom to come most of the time as well.  It was really cute, I would be almost ready to go and one of them would say "What about Grandma?  She needs to come with us"

I added this picture to show how close I was parked to the waters edge.  I love Ipperwash for that.  This particular day was just Mia, my Mom & I.  The other girls were in day camp.
I make them carry their own things.
The three of them really stick together at the beach.  It's so cute.
She could dig all day long.  Nothing like a good dirt bath.

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Anonymous said...

The oldest girl in the purple is looking so sexy right there she is perfection