Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes You Need to Create the Moments

I've been trying hard lately to really enjoy the moments I have with my girls and not just let them pass me by.  Often at the end of the day I try to think of those little moments that are special in the everyday moments of life, but every once in awhile you have to create some times out of the ordinary. 

If you've ever had a three year old of your own, you will know just how hard it can be to go places with them.  With mine, I know that she doesn't mean to do anything to spite me while we are out.  Its just that she doesn't yet seem to have learned proper voice level control.  She wants to explore on her own everytime I turn my back.  She wants to run, spin, jump, touch, taste, and spin some more.  On a side note, it always drives me crazy when people tell me about how busy their boys are because boys are so different.  Clearly they have not yet met Marley.  I'm a Kindergarten teacher, trust me, there are plently of excitable girls out there.  Back to Marley.  I decided - stop being so lazy, scared, or whatever it is that makes me want to avoid public places and lets go out.  Just her and I.  Lets create our own memories.  Yes, memories in public.

Day 1 - We went to a 'grown up' restaurant.
As we walk in with our toques, mittens, clunky boots, and stroller with a 4 month old baby, I notice heads turn.  I can only imagine what they are thinking.  I know what I'm thinking - what have I gotten myself into.  We are drastically underdressed, it is fairly quiet (I'm sure from the shock of everyone there) but it's too late now, I'm committed.  "Table for two with a stroller please."

"Glass of wine?"  "Yes, please" I answer.  What I really wanted to answer was "Yes, do you have a Karl glass?"  (Hopefully you watch Cougar Town)  Marley politely asks for a chocolate milk.  Wow, I think, so far so good.  I hold my head high, thats my girl.  Marley sits, she has a nice conversation with me.  We keep our voices to our self.  We stay in our seat.  Lunch comes, we eat it all.  We giggle, we talk, we have an amazing time.  Me and my little girls.  I'm the proudest Mommy in the world.  These are my two little ones.  Baby in the stroller watching, learning.  Three yr old acting like my friend.  She is my friend. 

We created not just a moment today, but a great memory.

Mmmm...Salmon Caesar Salad.  So good.

Adding some ice cream at the end.  Yummy.

Day 2 - Disney on Ice

Who can resist.  Maisie went with Grandma last time they were in town.  I figured, I can do it, lets go Marley.  Front row, on the ice.  The show was fine, but my girl was awesome.  So many times during the show I couldn't care less about what they were doing on the ice, I wanted to sneak a peek at Marley.  I love to see the wonder in her eyes and the concentration.  Words can't explain how great I felt.  What a little doll I have.

Just look at those eyes.  Doesn't that say it all?

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